Demi Lovato Proves She’s The Best After-School Chauffeur

Demi played parent and picked up three teenagers from school for BBC Radio 1.

In what looks like the most fun TV segment around, Demi Lovato recently participated in BBC Radio 1's "The School Run." The segment involves celebrities picking up kids from school and driving them home. 

In this particular clip, the "Cool for the Summer" singer had a tiny mix-up about genetics (we've all been there). Lovato asked, "So kids, what did we learn in school today?" 

"In heath we learned about inherited genes and stuff," answered one of the kids. 

"Okay," said Lovato. "That's good. Like hand-me-down clothing?" 

As the girls began to giggle, one answered, "No it's like, if your ear is attached to your face or -- " 

"Right!" said the singer. "Right, because of your mom and dad. Genetics! Okay. Genes! Got it." 

In the rest of the segment the girls were able to ask Lovato personal questions, like how much she's worth (eek!), if Iggy Azalea's butt is real and just how she passed her U.S. driving test. Watch the clip to see the rest of the answers.

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