The Moment Demi Lovato Decided She Didn't 'Want To Be Miserable Anymore'

Throughout the years, Demi Lovato has been candid talking about her past struggles with drug addiction, bulimia and diagnosis with bipolar disorder. In a recent interview, the singer opened up about one instance in particular that made her realize she needed to get help.

Lovato, who is spreading awareness about the mental illness, said that she had been "a couple years" out of inpatient treatment when her friends noticed that she had reached a new breaking point.

"They were sensing that I needed help and they came to me, and I... trust the people around me. When I saw what they were talking about, I thought, 'You know what? It's time for me to get help,'" she told HuffPost Live on Thursday. "I don't want to be miserable anymore. I deserve to have a better life than this."

Today, Lovato lives "well with bipolar disorder," but she recalled how at age 15 or 16, she'd fall into crying bouts for reasons unbeknownst to her, a symptom of her bipolar disorder.

"I was looking out my tour bus window, I was living my dream, and I was just sitting there, looking out the window and crying, thinking, 'Why am I crying? What's wrong with me?'" she said.

But the "Heart Attack" singer concluded "there was nothing wrong with me" -- and the same is true for others living with bipolar disorder. To learn more about symptoms and treatment, visit BeVocalSpeakUp.com.

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