Here's How To Be A Confident Badass, According To Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato can't hold it back anymore. She has already had numerous hits (including singing on the "Frozen" soundtrack), starred in a variety of films and television shows and has become a champion for self confidence. Now, Lovato has teamed up with Tampax and Always to become the face of The Radiant Collection and encourage young women to feel confident to wear what they want, when they want.

"It's all about being confident and radiant and feeling great whenever, you know, it is that time of month or just in general," Lovato told The Huffington Post. "I am all for women empowerment, and they’re really accomplishing that and really inspiring women to love themselves, love their bodies and just feel great."

Beyond that, the 22-year-old spoke to HuffPost about her tips for being confident, what a potential "Camp Rock 3" could look like and, yes, even what it was like to be a part of that "Frozen" song (because we just can't "let it go"):

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What was it like when "Let It Go" blew up?
Well, first of all what really blew up was Idina Menzel’s version, which was incredible and she’s so talented. But being able to have that song on the soundtrack and doing my own version of it was really incredible, as well as an amazing opportunity. So it was unexpected. I knew it was a great song, but when it blew up I was like, "Hey, I, uh ... I'm glad I recorded that." [Laughs]

Does the cold really never bother you anyway?
No, that’s totally not true. I don’t like the cold.

Any interest in "Frozen 2"?
I would love to be in “Frozen 2.” Let’s get that out there!

Do you have any tips for being confident?
Sometimes you need to look yourself in the mirror and just remind yourself you’re badass [laughs]. You know? I think looking in the mirror and saying you’re a rock star -- whether you are a singer or not -- is key. Telling yourself you're beautiful, you're wonderfully made. Staying true to who you are that's what's most important.


You recently took down "thigh gaps" on Instagram. What inspired that?
In a lot of today's media, we hear the term “thigh gap” a lot more frequently, and it was kind of concerning for me. So I wanted to put a message out there that says, "Hey, if you don’t have one, it's totally fine." I want people to have that balance in the media where they can see that you don’t have to maintain an unrealistic idea of what beauty is to please other people. You can love who you are and what you have. But it’s just about being healthy and feeling great in the body that you have.

If you were an actual skyscraper, where would you be?
You know what, I would go back to my hometown. There are no skyscrapers in my hometown, which is Colleyville, Texas. And I would stand tall against all the people who bullied me when I was in school and say, “You know what, you never broke me. I’m actually rising taller than you are.”

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In "Heart Attack," you say, "Won't wash my hair, then make 'em bounce like a basketball." Have you actually done that to get rid of guys?
I don’t really like to wash my hair often, period. Because it's actually better for your hair, and it gives you like that awesome texture, but it's all about I think being honest. I used to kind of just drift away and stop talking to them [laughs]. But I think the key is finally I got to a point where I realized, "Okay, they deserve to know I’m not into it anymore."

So they say “Camp Rock 2” is the final jam. But is it really the final jam?
I think if we ever did another “Camp Rock,” I think we’d have to do it in a way that’s not Disney approved. [Laughs] That’s the only way I can think about it. Yeah, a different kind of camp.

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You heard her, people. Time to make self-consciousness bounce like a basketball.

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