Demi Lovato Isn't Holding Anything Back In New 'Confident' Music Video

Lovato kicks MAJOR ass.

"I used to hold my freak back/Now I'm letting go/I make my own choice/Yeah I run this show..." 

Demi Lovato kicks ass and takes names in the new video for her song, "Confident." Directed by Robert Rodriguez, Lovato beats up bad guys, rides a motorcycle and wields a gun --  all set to a thumping, foot-stomping beat. 

Actress Michelle Rodriguez, who always plays the part of "character you don't want to mess with," is Lovato's nemesis in the music video. 

In the video, Lovato manages to: 

1. Get out of maximum security prison (she got a deal, OK?)

2. Get branded. 

3. Look super cool with a gang of hooligans. 

4. Beat up four bad guys like it was nothing. 

5. Fight Michelle Rodriguez.

6. Get her head stuck between Rodriguez's shoe and the ground.  

7. Get sent back to prison. 

8. Escape on the bus by finding a gun. 

9. Use said gun to shoot through the bus doors. 

10. Jump through a car windshield. 

11. Survive being re-thrown through the same car windshield. 

12. Get knocked out by Rodriguez (again).  

14. Realize she and Rodriguez are basically the same. 

15. Shake hands with Rodriguez and then go after the bad guys.

16. Drive a car through a cement wall and most likely kill someone. 

17. Open up a can of whoopass.

18. Expose the bad guy. 

19. Drive off into the distance on a motorcycle. 

Basic takeaway from this video: Lovato is confident, will f**k with you if you f**k with her. 

Look for Lovato's new album, also called "Confident," out Oct. 16


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