Demi Lovato Goes All 'Rocky' On Us, Knocks Out Sylvester Stallone

You all right, Sly?
Matthew Eisman via Getty Images

During her “break” from the spotlight, media and saying shady things about Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato has apparently been working on her fitness the Ronda Rousey way.

On Wednesday, the pop star shared a video of herself sparring with Rocky himself, aka Sylvester Stallone, at the Unbreakable Performance Center in Los Angeles.

In the video, the two circle each other as Lovato, donning pink boxing gloves, throws a mean couple of punches in Stallone’s direction. The “Rambo” actor gets in a swing or two, but it’s Lovato who comes out on top with a jab that knocks him down.

“I slipped! I slipped. I swear it was an accident,” Stallone jokingly tells the camera after he recovers from the fall.

The two quickly made up and hugged it out, because apparently Demi Lovato and Sylvester Stallone are friends now?!

It might be time to do that sideways walk to the gym, Taylor, and start training, because Demi did NOT come to play.

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