Demi Lovato Has Fans Seeing Double With Her Selena Costume

"Everyone else can go home, Demi Lovato just won Halloween."

Demi Lovato is basically a clone of the The Queen of Tejano Music.

Celebrities and fans have been dressing up as Selena Quintanilla this year, who died over 22 years ago. Demi Lovato shared her own take on the singer on Snapchat on Saturday and fans were speechless.

No doubt about it, 2017 is the year of Selena. The Tejano singer will be memorialized on the Walk of Fame on Friday and had an incredible Google Doodle chronicling her life. And just days before the year started, Mac re-released its cosmetics line created in her honor.

So it’s no surprise Lovato would choose to rock Quintanilla’s look on Halloween.

Hello, can you say “bidi bidi bom bom?” 

Another famous Latina also took on the jumpsuit for Halloween and slayed it. Actress America Ferrera shared a photo of herself as Selena for the holiday episode of her NBC comedy “Superstore.” Ferrera definitely could have given Lovato a run for her money. 

Either way, fans were freaking out on social media over how accurate the look ended up. 



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