Demi Lovato Tells Ellen DeGeneres She Curses 'Every Day, All Day'

"I am terrible at not cursing."

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Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas have not been shy about expressing their interest in filming an R-rated “Camp Rock” sequel.

After all, it makes sense. All of their Disney fans have since grown up, so the musical’s next chapter should also be more mature.

While on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday, Lovato told the host that she expects that the potential sequel would be similar to “American Pie.” (She talks about it around the three-minute mark in the video above.)

“All of our fans have now grown up, and so anybody that watched ‘Camp Rock’ is now older and can appreciate, like, an ‘American Pie’ version,” she said.

She even said it might even include some cursing — which Lovato said she does quite a lot in her own life.

“It’s something I do every day, all day.” She then confessed, “I’m terrible at not cursing.”

DeGeneres pointed out, “Wow, this has been five minutes of you not cursing.” Lovato’s response? “The longest five minutes of my life!”

We’re definitely down for “Camp Rock” to get an adult makeover. Plus, who wouldn’t love to see this duo work together again?!


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