Demi Lovato Nearly Gives Fans A Heart Attack When She Poses As Lyft Driver

This is so good, we can't let it go.

Demi Lovato recently gave her heart a break from touring to surprise a few lucky fans in Denver, Colorado. 

The singer posed as a Lyft driver named Sam and picked up a few passengers who just thought they were going on an average ride with a stranger. Little did they know, that stranger was Lovato. Thanks to the wonder of hidden cameras, the whole thing was caught on video. 

In the clip, Lovato, incognito in a hat and sunglasses, engages her passengers in conversations, telling them she’s an aspiring singer on tour with her ex-boyfriend’s brother (true). She even gets one woman to sing a beloved 
“Camp Rock” song with her, before revealing her true identity. 

Lovato also gets one of the passengers to agree that Selena Gomez is a better singer, which may or may not be a jab at the “Good for You” singer (who used to be one of Lovato’s BFFs). You be the judge.

Of course, once the passengers realize they were riding with Lovato, they freak out. Watch the whole video above!



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