Demi Lovato Accidentally Makes It Instagram Official With Rumored New Boyfriend

The singer has reportedly been dating actor Max Ehrich for a few weeks now.

Nothing screams 2020 more than Demi Lovato accidentally crashing her rumored boyfriend’s Instagram Live during quarantine.

The only silver lining to everybody going live on social media to keep sane amid coronavirus is celebrities slipping up and revealing a bit more than planned (or more than we ever wanted to know) about their innermost thoughts and private lives.

Enter the “I Love Me” singer, who’s been linked to former “Young and the Restless” actor Max Ehrich over the past week, with multiple reports claiming that the two are indeed an item.

But it was all mostly speculation until Lovato popped up on screen while Ehrich was recently performing for fans during an Instagram Live.

In the clip, Ehrich looks offscreen while seated at the piano, as an unaware Lovato enters the frame, snuggled up in a blanket.

“I’m on live! I’m on live,” he tells her in a whisper, before she puts the pieces together, realizing she’s on camera.

Lovato and Ehrich clearly intended on keeping their romance under wraps, with the singer almost immediately covering her face with the blanket, as they break out into giggles.

Her exit, however, wasn’t quick enough for fans to miss her appearance.

Demi Lovato attends the Teen Vogue Summit in November 2019.
Demi Lovato attends the Teen Vogue Summit in November 2019.
Rachel Murray via Getty Images
Max Ehrich pictured at Lifetime's Summer Luau in May 2019.
Max Ehrich pictured at Lifetime's Summer Luau in May 2019.
Paul Archuleta via Getty Images

While neither Lovato or Ehrich have spoken about the rumors, they’ve been leaving flirty comments on each other’s social media posts.

Look no further than Ehrich’s shirtless black-and-white Instagram pic from earlier this week, which he captioned, “when u realize u should’ve packed more for your quarantine stay 😅🤦‍♂️ have a blessed Monday filled with health, happiness, safety, joy, love, & laughter <3”

“Fine by me,” Lovato quipped in the comments section.

Ehrich also somewhat cryptically captioned another video “4D” with a rose and heart emoji, leading fans to believe he was referring to the pop star.

Lovato and Ehrich “have been quarantining together at Demi’s house and it’s going really well,” an unnamed source told E! News.

“Max is very into music and health, and he doesn’t like to party,” the source continued. “He is a good influence on Demi and they have a lot in common. They have a few mutual friends in common, but Demi has been introducing Max to her closest friends via FaceTime since being quarantined.”

Since her hospitalization and break from the public eye last year, Lovato has laid low when it comes to romance, except for a brief fling with model Austin Wilson.

And she seemed intent on staying single at least for the time being, addressing her relationship status during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” earlier this month.

“I was on dating apps for a while but as I’ve spent some time with myself over the past couple months, I realized that I am the type of person that will find any way to regulate when I’m sad or lonely or whatever,” Lovato said. “I have to fight those battles on my own and I can’t let somebody come in and fix those issues for me. So right now, I’m single and spending my Saturday nights by myself.”

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