Demi Lovato's Alleged Nude Photos Hit The Internet

Demi Lovato's Alleged Nude Photos Hit The Internet

Nude photos allegedly of former Disney star Demi Lovato have leaked online, and negotiations for more racy pics are apparently ongoing.

Celebslam has published a teaser for the supposed pictures of the 21-year-old singer while the website continues to haggle with the seller, who claims to have 20 photos of Lovato. The seller told Celebslam he has "nude/sexual photos of Demi Lovato" for sale and claimed that the woman who can be seen in the middle row of photographs, kissing the woman who looks like Lovato, allegedly had a fling with the actress "for some time on and off."

The seller also told the website that Lovato is bisexual and explained that after the singer started dating Wilmer Valderrama, his friend called off the fling with Lovato because "she didn't like being played," and she sent him the photos.

Last week, RadarOnline was the first to report that these alleged nude images of Lovato were being shopped around, but the website was unable to verify that the images were authentic and chose not to publish them.

The seller claims that Lovato can easily be identified by her tattoos in the photos where her face is not shown.

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