Demi Lovato On Her Career: I Wouldn’t Start So Young If I Could Do It Again

The singer is set to premiere a new docuseries on YouTube.
Demi Lovato discusses her new docuseries at Cannes Lions. 
Demi Lovato discusses her new docuseries at Cannes Lions. 

At 24, Demi Lovato feels she’s “lived a lot longer than I have.” 

The singer spoke briefly about her more than 17 years in the entertainment industry during an interview at Cannes Lions on Monday. Lovato attended the event to discuss her upcoming YouTube docuseries “Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated.”

“I feel like I’m at a pivotal point in my life, I’m turning 25,” she said about why she decided to do a series that follows her daily life. “I’m looking at my future and my past, and I want to share that with my fans.”

When asked about her past as a child star, Lovato said she would’ve preferred to begin her career later in life.

“I wouldn’t start that young if I could do it over again,” said Lovato, who began acting at age 8. “I don’t regret anything but it was difficult to transition from being a child star to transforming into a mainstream artist. It’s something that is very challenging.”

“You have to find your identity,” she continued. “For so long you’ve been kind of molded into something and now you’re expected to figure out who you are very fast and in front of the entire world. So it’s definitely been difficult but it’s been a learning experience and I’m still figuring out who I am every day.”

The former Disney star told Nylon magazine in 2016 that being successful at a young age contributed to the self-harming behavior she struggled with as a teenager.

“My parents tried to control me, but I’d be like, ‘Oh, really, I’m grounded? Well, I pay the bills,’” Lovato said. “They did the best they could. And I think that’s why a lot of young stars struggle when they’re making money or providing for their family.” 

“I thought that if I was adult enough to get there, then I could party like an adult,” she added. “And obviously, I couldn’t.”

Watch Lovato’s full interview at Cannes Lions below. 



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