Demi Lovato Officially Loses Cool For The Summer On Twitter

Stone-cold STOP.
This is me. 
This is me. 

Who doesn't enjoy Demi Lovato

We've supported her as we shame-watched "Camp Rock" to nurse a hangover (which only made it worse) and belted her final vocal run in "Let It Go" way off-key, but the singer-actress has verged into deleting-social-media territory, and it's time for an intervention. 

After unnecessarily inserting herself into Mariah Carey and J.Lo’s years-long blood feud, Lovato dramatically announced that she was quitting Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday. 

Demonstrating incredible willpower, she returned to social media mere hours later with a message to all her detractors: "I'm back bitches." 

In a series of tweets shared on Tuesday night, Lovato explained that she just loves her fans "too f**king much" to abandon them online and will never let the haters stand in her away ever again. 

... And now, we bid you adieu



Demi Lovato