Demi Lovato Reveals Stealing Pillows From Hotels On 'Ellen' (VIDEO)

With her constantly changing hair color, you would think it would be difficult to spot Demi Lovato in a crowded airport. But the one dead giveaway? The oversized white pillows the star is infamous for carrying around.

On the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week, the jet-setter spilled the beans on her favorite travel accessory after the talk show host mentioned to Demi that she is frequently photographed in airports carrying a large white pillow (even showing photos for proof).

Explaining how she never knows if she's going to get a good rest on airplane trips, Demi said it's "better to be safe than sorry and look like an idiot carrying your pillow in the airport."

The star was almost off the hook, until she mentioned that her pillow is "always clean," forcing the "Heart Attack" singer to 'fess up.

"I take a pillow from the hotel I'm staying in," admitted Demi, to the laughter of the studio audience.

When asked by Ellen if she takes a pillow from every hotel she visits, the singer said, "Possibly. I'm not saying anything to confirm or deny this story."

The best part? When Ellen presented Demi with her very own custom pillow, complete with an "I Heart Ellen" logo (of course).

Here's to hoping that Demi gets some more shut-eye with her pillow upgrade.

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