Demi Lovato Is Hit With A Truly Aggressive Amount Of Slime At Kids' Choice Awards

Hang in there, girl! 😱

Kids’ Choice Awards veteran and celebrity superstar Demi Lovato just got slimed Saturday night — and let’s just say it didn’t look like she saw that one coming AT ALL.

We broke the mess down, photo by photo, below.

Here, we start with poor, unsuspecting Demi. Just look at that flawless makeup. This is not the face of someone who’s anticipating getting slimed.

Here, the slime is coming for Demi, but Demi still doesn’t see the slime. Duck, Demi!

Now they’re sliming her from all angles. Does Nickelodeon really need this much slime for just one person? This doesn’t seem fair.

At this point, Demi is thoroughly coated in slime. Come on, she can’t even open her eyes!

The slimy moment came out of nowhere when Lovato hit the stage to promote her upcoming film “Smurfs: The Lost Village.”

Though the “Confident” singer didn’t seem all that pleased with the plot twist, it certainly made for good television.

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