'Demi Lovato: Stay Strong' Documentary To Premiere On MTV

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After experiencing a breakdown back in 2010, "Skyscraper" songstress Demi Lovato entered a rehab facility -- and she allowed MTV News cameras to follow her as she balanced a musical comeback with ongoing treatment. Early next month, MTV is set to premiere a new documentary called Demi Lovato: Stay Strong.

Demi released her third studio album, Unbroken, last September. Her first single, "Skyscraper" debuted at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and instantly became a teen stay-strong anthem. The deeply personal material from Unbroken can be seen being performed by Lovato in the documentary, at the start of her fall tour. Fans will also have the opportunity to watch Demi go back for the first time to the facility in Illinois where she received treatment, MTV reports.

"Staying strong" has been a major theme in Demi's life. In the January issue of Glamour, Demi premiered new tattoos, which inspire her to continue her treatment and appreciate a new beginning. 'Stay' is featured on one wrist, while 'Strong' reads on the other. Lovato denies getting the tattoos to cover up her cutting scars, stating that her scars are reminders of what she's been through and the strength it took to overcome her struggles.

Lovato hoped to make a difference for other teen girls when she signed on to become a contributing editor for Seventeen magazine last May. She opened up to readers about her depression, eating disorders and self-harm, advising teens to talk to their family and closest friends if they find themselves struggling with these issues. Now, Lovato has opened up to MTV as well, hoping to inspire the netwrok's viewers with her own experience.

"I wanted to share my story but I knew it had to be honest, it had to be real," Lovato told MTV. Viewers can watch the singer's candid story unfold on March 6 at 10 p.m. on MTV.