Demi Lovato Was On 'Ew!' So Give Your Heart A Break

This might give us a heart attttaaacccckkkkkkk!

There are a lot of bad things in the world today — things that could make you go, dare I say it, “Ew!” Neither Demi Lovato and Sara (without the H, because Hs are “ew”) are one of those things.

Sara (Jimmy Fallon) had her friend Emily (Lovato) over on Monday, where they got up to the usual “Ew!” hijinks. The pair took selfies imitating emojis, practiced kissing with pillow versions of Ed Sheeran and Mario Lopez and had to put up with Sara’s stepdad, Gary (A.D. Miles).

Gosh darn it, Gary! Give it a rest!

Sadly, there’s more depressing stuff going on besides Gary’s dance moves. Recently, a supposedly racy photo of Lovato “leaked” online. (The people responsible for photo leaks are “ew.”)

She didn’t let that photo faze her. It’s time you give your heart a break about stuff, too, and make those problems bounce like a basketball.

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