Demi Lovato 'X Factor' Makeup, Outfit Is Surprsingly Toned Down (PHOTOS)

We did not see that one coming.

We're not huge fans of "X Factor," but it has been entertaining watching judge Demi Lovato's major hair, makeup and costume changes through the season. (Ditto Christina Aguilera on "The Voice.")

But on Thursday night, Lovato surprised us by doing a total 180: the 20-year-old ditched the red lipstick, the ombre highlights, the dramatic top-knot and the sexy outfits for a demure little outfit. With a wavy bob, pink lips and black eyeliner, Demi was fresh-faced and clean; her white floral frock was simple and flattering. With the exception of the insanely high platform heels, this outfit was a few pleats away from being a Taylor Swift ensemble.

Whoda thunk? Demi has become known for her ever-changing look, once impressing us with 11 outfits (and two different hair colors!) in a single night. But everybody needs a night off from their makeup routine, right? If we're being honest, we kind of love this look for Demi.

Check out Lovato's pared-down appearance. What do you think?


demi lovato

demi lovato

This is what we're used to seeing from Demi:

Demi Lovato's Teen Choice Awards Outfits

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