Demi Moore's Boyfriend Will Hanigan Reportedly Has A Pearl In His Penis

Demi Moore appears to have a new man in her life, 30-year-old Will Hanigan, and here's what we know so far: They met through yoga, he's ruggedly handsome with scruffy blond looks, and he's a pearl diver and "adventurer" by trade, which sounds awesome. And, oh yeah, he may have a pearl in his penis.

“He had a pearl inserted in his penis when he was in his late teens,” a source told the New York Daily News.

And while that may sound like an act of youthful rebellion, the insider makes sure to inform us that it's actually a family tradition for Hanigan, a third-generation diver: “It is pearl farming tradition and he would always joke about it in Australia. He’d boast it’d give girls extra stimulation in the bedroom.”

To investigate any health concerns associated with the gem's delicate placement, the Daily News consulted a urologist who advised that it could eventually "erode through to the surface rather than into the tissue," but in the meantime would likely improve his sex life.

In any case, Moore and Hanigan seem to be enjoying each other's company. "She's an amazing woman," Hanigan allegedly told Star.

A friend of Hanigan's recently told The Australian that Hanigan is "an interesting character," adding, "He's a great guy to listen to - a bit wild but good fun."

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