Demi Moore Gets Defensive About Her Latest Cleanse

After doing the Master Cleanse with her husband earlier this month, Demi Moore moved immediately into another "healthier" diet.

On Monday a fan asked Demi how many days she had stuck to the Master Cleanse, which involves consuming nothing but lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

"Only 4 but 2day's day 13 4me on The Clean Program! RT @MirandaMartinez day 30 of Master Cleanse! How many days did u do?" she tweeted.

The Clean Program is the creation of Dr. Alejandro Junger, who helped Giuliana Rancic and Gwyneth Paltrow lose weight. It is a 21-day regimen of smoothies, and salads for dinner are allowed.

When one of Demi's followers politely said she was not interested in the Clean Program because "healthy diet & exercise are all that's required," Demi got defensive.

"@chazzyb31 I think you need to research what it is I am doing there is no starving involved! It is all about nourishing the body!" she tweeted. And: "@ElenorRigby yeah I think she doesn't know what she is talking about!"

Later a fan asked Demi for tips on getting through the Master Cleanse, and Demi admitted there are healthier things than the severe diet she just two weeks ago declared was "all about health!!!"

"@arock29 try The Clean Program far healthier and more liveable!" she tweeted.

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