Demi Moore Wants Spousal Support From Ashton Kutcher: Divorce Papers Show Actress Wants Alimony (UPDATE)

Demi Moore has finally filed the necessary documents responding to Ashton Kutcher's petition for divorce, and she plans to hit him where it hurts -- his wallet.

Documents obtained by TMZ show that the 50-year-old actress is not only asking for spousal support from Kutcher, but she's even asking that he pay her lawyer's fees -- even though she's worth far more than he is.

Sources told the website that Moore has "got money up the wazoo," so it's surprising that she has the audacity to ask for it. It's not really that surprising given that Moore decided to end their marriage in November 2011, after Kutcher's affair with a 23-year-old was splashed on the cover of all the tabloids. And she was rumored to be equally hurt by his current relationship with Mila Kunis, as well as the fact that he was the one who made the first move with the divorce papers.

Moore, who has divorced twice before, allegedly netted $90 million in her divorce from Bruce Willis, and is reportedly worth a total of $150 million.

Kutcher isn't that far behind, as he's estimated to be worth $140 million since the 35-year-old is currently the highest-paid actor on TV, thanks to his leading gig on "Two and a Half Men," which net him $24 million between May 2011 and May 2012.

With this much money involved, things could get ugly.

UPDATE: Sources tell TMZ that it's highly unlikely a judge would ever grant Moore spousal support, given how much she's worth. According to the website's sources, the former couple are allegedly in the middle of negotiating a financial settlement, and her lawyer knows the more Demi asks for, the better she'll do in the end. The pair is apparently close to striking a deal, but it likely won't include spousal support.



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