Demi Moore's Beauty Secret: Austrian Leeches Suck My Blood

Demi Moore sat down with David Letterman Monday night to promote her new movie "Flawless." Moore was looking pretty flawless herself, and dished to Dave about her new beauty treatment. She returned one week ago from a trip to Austria, where she had her blood sucked by leeches. The "leech therapy," as she told Dave, was to detoxify her blood.

"I feel like I've always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that optimize your health and healing," she told Dave. "I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy."

Demi describes how four leeches got drunk on her blood, starting from her bellybutton, and how they don't like hair and prefer waxed or shaved skin. She plans to go back for more.


Demi Gets Blood sucked