Democratic Campaign Slogans I'd Like To See

: Fighting For What 51% Of Polled Americans Believe In;: Because There Might Not Be Much Left In 2012
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Hillary Clinton:

  • Clinton For President: Calm Down, It's Not Who You Think
  • Hillary Clinton: Secretly Gay, But Isn't Everyone?
  • Clinton In '08: Don't Stop Thinking About 8 Years Ago
  • Hillary Clinton: Fighting For What 51% Of Polled Americans Believe In
  • Vote For Hillary: Couldn't Fuck An Intern If She Tried

John Edwards:

  • John Edwards: Beating A Dead Horse Since 1998
  • Vote For Edwards: Or Just Wait Until He's Vice President
  • Edwards In '08: There Are Two Americas, And Neither One's Voting For Him
  • John Edwards: America's Least-Favorite Horatio Alger Story
  • Vote For Edwards: Just A Regular Hard-Working American With A 6 Million Estate On 100 Acres

Dennis Kucinich:

  • Kucinich For President: Christ, Again?
  • Dennis Kucinich: Makes Dean Look Like Fucking FDR
  • Kucinich In '08: Seriously, Why Are They Letting This Happen?
  • Vote For Kucinich: Oh, That's Right, Because Hippies Can Vote
  • Dennis Kucinich: Five Foot Seven, Two Divorces, Zero Chance

Barack Obama:

  • Vote For Obama: It's As Close As You'll Ever Get To Making A Black Friend
  • Barack Obama: Breaking Your Heart Into Millions Of Teeny, Tiny Pieces
  • Obama In '08: It Does Seem A Little Soon, Doesn't It?
  • Barack Obama: Like McGovern, Only Black. And Inexperienced. And A Smoker.
  • Obama In '08: Because There Might Not Be Much Left In 2012
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