The First Democratic Primary Debate, In 5 Clips

Sheryl Crow performed! 🎤

The first Democratic presidential primary debate on Tuesday night in Las Vegas featured the five candidates sparring over gun control and regulating Wall Street.

CNN even had an extra podium available for Vice President Joe Biden, should he have attended. (He was a no-show.)

Watch the five clips that sum up the night's most notable moments.

1.) Bernie Sanders addressed the Black Lives Matter movement.

2.) Hillary Clinton said she's a "progressive" candidate.

3.) Bernie Sanders said he's so over hearing about Clinton's emails.

4.) Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders got into a heated debate on gun control.

5.) Lincoln Chafee criticized Hillary Clinton on the war in Iraq.

BONUS CLIP: Grammy-award winning singer and "avid follower of politics," Sheryl Crow sang the National Anthem.

For the latest updates on tonight's debate, visit our liveblog.

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