Here Are Some Important Issues That Got No Mention During The Democratic Debate

More important than Iowa or Hillary Clinton's "damn emails."

The first one-on-one debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was a heated affair, with the Democratic presidential candidates squabbling over electability and the definition of a political progressive on MSNBC Thursday night.

Both questions have touched a nerve within the party and have opened up substantive discussions about the differences between the former secretary of state and the Vermont senator. 

But a lot of important issues were left out of the debate -- their last matchup before New Hampshire voters head to the polls next week. Some of them have received attention in previous debates, but others, like abortion and reproductive rights, haven't been covered at all. A few of these had some passing mentions Thursday but got less air time than the razor-thin results of the Iowa caucuses and Clinton's "damn emails."

Some issues that got the shaft:

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