Democratic Party Committing Suicide

More than 12 million mostly young people voted for Bernie Sanders. The results of the California Primary are still up in the air. When mainstream media declared Secretary Clinton the winner of not just the California primary, but the day before the primary, the Democratic Presidential nominee, there would be 2.5 million votes to be counted. Those official results won't be made public until July.

Meanwhile, all of Bernie Sanders' platform recommendations are being rejected by the stacked, neoliberal majority appointed by soon to be former Democratic Party Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. They do this at their peril.

The Democratic establishment does not understand what is going on. It reminds me of 1968, when my generation came of age and decided to support the anti-war candidate, Eugene McCarthy. The Democrats didn't understand what was happening then and they closed the door on the young people and set the Chicago cops on them.

Their disillusionment meant the election of the "anti-war" candidate, Richard Nixon. This was a tragedy not only for the Democratic Party, but for the country. We all know, that far from being anti war, Mr. Nixon and his cabinet were virulent war hawks. However, he was elected because young people, who would have become Democrats decided instead, to register as unaffiliated and stay home or maybe get high.

The young people, who voted for and overwhelmingly support the policies of Bernie Sanders are prepared to join and reinvigorate the Democratic Party for the next 50 years! However, the neoliberal supporters of the Secretary are doing everything they can to put out the "Go Away" sign.

Sen. Sanders has made it clear how the Party can be reunited and Secretary Clinton could be elected. The Platform must reflect Sen. Sanders policies; $15 per hour Federal minimum wage, no TPP, Medicare for all, no fracking, free public college. None of these have been adopted by the Platform Drafting Committee. If these, and other Sanders' policies are not adopted, there is no chance that Bernie supporters will support the Secretary. If the Secretary thinks that the thought of Trump is too horrible for she and her supporters not to appease Sanders and his supporters with the policies that energized this election, she is sadly mistaken.

The Bernie or Bust movement is real. There are millions of Bernie supporters who will be voting for Jill Stein. Millions more will stay home rather than vote for a candidate whose policies they detest. The idea that Mr. Trump is so toxic that it will cause Bernie supporters to hold their nose and vote against their ideals is indicative of the disconnect between what is happening and its misapprehension by the main stream media and the Democratic Party neoliberal establishment.

If the Democratic Party wakes up and recognizes what is happening, this election will be a great victory for them. The Republicans are extremely vulnerable, their policies do not represent the majority of the American people. However, if the Democratic Party shuts the door on this next generation, they will be defeated and lose millions of young people who will never join them. It is a major crossroads for the Democratic Party.