Democratic Primaries 2016: The Sexism Is Now Officially appalling.

The sexism is now officially appalling. A self-appointed Boy leader of millennials asks the most admired woman in the world why she doesn't make him more excited. No one talks about the arrogance of the question or the questioner.

Charles Blow says "Sanders has become the cool uncle and Clinton has become the cold aunt." Does Blow not see what he is perpetuating?

If you are politically alert (as I assume you are or why would you read this blog)--Ask yourself if Sanders even mattered to you as a Senator until... like the boy at the Town Hall, he stepped forward, delighting only his very few friends, all on the Far Left.

No one talks about the arrogance, the egotism of his action? Can you see a 74-year-old woman, a self-proclaimed Socialist proclaiming herself the proper challenger to the most accomplished candidate for President?

Sexism, it seems, is more powerful on the Left than a desire to stop the GOP. Any male messenger will do.

Until Rachel Maddow and the new left on MSNBC gave him air-time, Bernie was just a kooky, old time Socialist from one of the few states, which honor the 60's. Now, according to Charles Blow, he is the cool uncle.

To me, he is still the kooky, old time Socialist, until very recently, an un-influential and ineffective Senator. Now, as he veers negative, he is willing to damage the woman who will be our nominee, willing to threaten the continued Democratic control of the White House and willing to leave us more vulnerable to 2-4 SCOTUS appointments and an out-of-control foreign policy by a Republican President. Sanders' call over the weekend for a Democratic platform asking for high, high taxes moved even the usually calm and level-headed Nancy Pelosi to step forward yesterday, to say no, that won't be the platform Democrats across the nation will run on.

Democratic candidates wanting to be elected or re-elected run from him. We want the Party still standing after November 2016.

Bernie Sanders as the messenger? A 74-year-old self-proclaimed Socialist with literally no support in the Democrat organization necessary to get out the voters. (According to Nate Silver, Hillary has 458 endorsements; Sanders has 2. That, of course, is a rallying cry to his young, often male followers, who thinking this is a sign of purity, rather than ineffectiveness and stupidity.)

Why has he even been allowed to run as a Democrat? Would he support the Democratic nominee if it is not him? Would he run as an Independent when Hillary is the nominee? Has anyone asked?

Oddly, is he the Left's version of Donald Trump, a man who thinks only he can make America great again? I don't mean that Sanders is ugly and mean-spirited in his speeches. He is not. But he is a self-proclaimed Messiah whose very being in this election and priorities marginalize women's and race issues in the true tradition of a radical white male of the sixties, which he is.

To quote the Editorial Board of The Washington Post, "(Mr. Sanders') advisers claimed that more government spending 'will result in higher growth, which will improve our fiscal situation.' This resembles Republican arguments that tax cuts will juice the economy and pay for themselves -- and is equally fanciful."

Or as The Washington Post further said: "Mr. Sanders is not a brave, truth-teller. He is a politician selling his own brand of fiction."

Bernie Sanders as the messenger.

As Joan Walsh ( said: "I'm tired of seeing...(Hillary).... confronted by entitled men weighing in on her personal honesty and likability, treating the most admired woman in the world like a woman who's applying to be his secretary.

I'm stunned anew by the misogyny behind the attacks on her, and her female supporters, including my daughter. I'm sick of the way so many Sanders supporters, most of them men, feel absolutely no compunction to see things through female Clinton supporters' eyes, or to worry they might have to court us down the road, take special care not to alienate us lest we sit the race out in November, if our candidate loses. ... I stand with a lot of women who feel the same way, including my daughter, and we won't be erased."

A shout out to Lena Dunham too. She too knows misogyny when she sees it. So do it. I bet you do as well.

Annette Niemtzow, NYC