Democrats Abandon Women By Saying They Will Fund Anti-Abortion Candidates

We know that you don’t have our backs.
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In our current post-11/9 world, the shock of Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton has subsided and has been replaced with the daily, or rather hourly shock at the going-ons of this administration.

It’s like a circus, but a circus where each event could lead to a death sentence for millions of people in the crowd or where instead of handing the baton to your fellow acrobat, you hand your country to a foreign adversary.

Democrats know that if they want to put an end to this charade, they will have to reclaim the House in 2018. But how do they plan to do that? Well, apparently, by screwing over the very people who led the #Resist movement, fought day in and day out to save the ACA, and who predominantly voted Democrat in the fall. You guessed it, the Democrats have decided to sell out us ladies.

On Monday, Representative Ben Lujan, who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, essentially said “the more the merrier” when it comes to allocating funds to candidates, even if they oppose abortion rights. He said, “There is not a litmus test for Democratic candidates.”

While I understand the appeal of broadening your base by broadening your “litmus test” of where candidates stand on certain issues, but abortion? It cannot be one of those issues. When you take away a woman’s right to abortion, you take away her right to bodily autonomy, which should be an inalienable human right.

By promoting anti-choice candidates, you tell the women who campaigned tirelessly for Hillary Clinton, who came out in the millions on January 21st for the Women’s March―the true catalysts of the #Resist movement, the women who fought for the ACA, whether through protesting, writing letters, or even voting against their party to protect choice, you tell them that they don’t matter. That you’re willing to prioritize the pursuit of a few seats in the House over their rights. And that their pink pussy hats were knitted in vain.

Women are the backbone of their party and of the movement fighting against Trump. And yet in their new policy push, called “A Better Deal,” Democrats left out abortion rights in favor of economic policies surrounding jobs, wages, and reducing the burden of families.

Ironically, these are all areas that are improved upon by legalized abortion. Reproductive choice is an economic issue. Reproductive freedom gives women the opportunity to attain an education and enter the workforce, and take more control over their financial decisions, while giving women the choice to decide if and when they want to start having children reduces the burden on families.

And seven out of 10 Americans understand this. They get that choice is a human right and that we all benefit when women are treated as humans, especially when it comes to the economy and combating poverty.

So why, if the majority of Americans are pro-choice, is the Democratic party abandoning us? Now, after all that we’ve done? Maybe it’s because, in the eyes of some, women represent little more than a bargaining chip in the electoral game, easily sacrificed in the pursuit of a few more votes. When it’s convenient, you pander to us. But at the end of the day, when you support people opposed to our basic rights, we know that you don’t have our backs, maybe you never did, and you’re just as bad as the other guys.

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