Democrats Benefit From Illegal Immigrant Voting

Why are Democrats so uniformly opposed to proof of citizenship in order to vote? They and their interest group surrogates insist there is no problem with voter security. But why should we believe this when we know illegal immigrants routinely lie to obtain employment? (Federal law requires employees to sign a document called an I-9 Form upon becoming employed swearing under penalty of perjury that he or she is authorized for employment, i.e., is a citizen or lawfully admitted alien and to provide two forms of ID to prove it.) I have seen thousands of bogus I-9 Forms signed by illegal immigrants and copies of their false social security cards in my RICO cases against employers who hire them. These false attestations are rarely prosecuted by federal authorities. And why would we think illegal immigrants, whose very presence in this country is a crime, would be above a little more crime in order to obtain employment?

Once that is understood, why would we think illegal immigrants would not also lie to obtain medical care in public hospitals, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and register to vote? Only two states actually require proof of citizenship in order to register (Arizona and Kansas). The others merely require the applicant sign a sworn statement attesting to the fact that he or she is a citizen. But this is what is asked, and routinely perjured, on the I-9 Form. Thus, it follows that false claims of citizenship in order to register to vote should be widespread. There are some media reports of non-citizens voting, but generally, the media have not investigated the problem in any depth compared to their obsession with the insurmountable problem Republicans will have with Hispanic "voters."

The perceived trouble Republicans face, we are constantly told, stems from the party's opposition to illegal immigration. And perhaps there is a kernel of truth to this theory. It stands to reason that illegal immigrants who are illegally registered to vote would have a very real stake in seeing to it that Republicans do not come to power with their far right ideas about requiring proof of citizenship to vote (which has been required since the founding of the Republic) and to be employed in this country. After all, if these laws were seriously enforced, it might be intolerable for illegal immigrants to live in the U.S. They would, presumably, lose employment, subsidized medical care, and the right to vote for candidates for will perpetuate such a way of life.

Democratic party spokesmen justify their opposition to laws requiring proof of citizenship in order to register to vote by the absurd claim that poor people do not have birth certificates or passports. But we require everyone, including the poor, to produce such documents when becoming employed for their I-9 Forms. And if that is tolerable, then it must also be tolerable for the same documents to be produced to register to vote and some sort of photo ID in order to vote.

There is a huge problem with voter fraud. And, in my opinion, it is proven by the vehemence of the Democrats, the beneficiaries of the fraud, toward enforcement of our laws.