Democrats' Folly: Trying to Woo the Pro-Gun "Freedom's Army"


NRA President Sandra Froman Readies for War

In a vain attempt to lure pro-gun voters, all too many policymakers have gone silent on America's increasing firearms toll while mouthing gummy bromides in support of the gun lobby's erroneous intepretation of the Second Amendment.

Offering platitudes that the pro-gun hardcore view as being less authentic than John Kerry's now-infamous grouse-hunting togs during the 2004 campaign, they gather guidance from position papers that promise "A Seven Step Primer to Take Back the Second Amendment and Win the Gun Vote." The aforementioned, put out by a group named the Third Way, ends with a cheerful follow-the-directions recipe that's equal parts Ron Popeil and P.T. Barnum. The final step? It's "Implement Your Gun Plan and Watch the Gun Votes Roll In."

Unfortunately, while guns may be one of many issues for groups like the Third Way, for the pro-gun faithful it's the only issue. There are, in fact, two parties for the pro-gunners. Unfortunately for Democrats, they're the Republican and Libertarian Parties. For proof, look no further than the November 2006 issue of the National Rifle Association's America"s 1st Freedom magazine. The November "Choose or Lose" issue is little more than a 64-page attack on Democrats, with a particular focus on Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee head Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

"Disaster is looming on Nov. 7, and I need your help to save our freedom," laments usually chipper NRA President Sandra S. Froman (pictured above). Froman then expounds, exposing the hollow folly of Democrats who harbor dreams of watching "the gun votes roll in"--

"We are at war. Our freedom is at stake. The Second Amendment is America's original homeland security and you, my fellow NRA members, are at the heart of our national defense. But [House Minority Leader Nancy] Pelosi and her fellow extremists, who are hoping to take control, oppose our national security efforts and oppose your Right to Keep and Bear Arms....Those who would seize power on Nov. 7 are unrelenting opponents of your values and beliefs....Get out to the polls, take your friends with you, volunteer in these last days to make a difference for a good candidate, and let our opponents hear the voice of Freedom's Army roar like thunder."

"Watch the gun votes roll in" indeed.