Democrats Must Combat the Swiftboating of Martha Coakley

The Massachusetts special election for Ted Kennedy's seat is just over a week away, and Republicans are pulling out all the stops to win or at least come close. A Martha Coakley loss would be nothing short of devastating.
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Massachusetts voters will go to the polls January 19th in a special election for the deceased Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. While there's no panic button being set off just yet--Massachusetts voters have not sent a Republican to the Senate in 37 years--a new Rasmussen poll indicates that Attorney General Martha Coakley's once comfortable lead over her Republican opponent Scott Brown is narrowing. In a political year wrought with voter dissatisfaction with Congress and dwindling approval of President Obama and his agenda, Democrats should take nothing for granted. The left must hold onto this seat if it expects to pass Obama's health-care reform bill and other measures on the Democrats' agenda.

The special election is just 8 days away, and Republicans are pulling out all the stops to win or at least come close. A Coakley loss would be nothing short of devastating. A narrow-margin victory for her in this solidly blue state could be a chilling foreshadowing of things to come in November's midterms and thus empower conservatives even further. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) reports that the "American Future Fund, the guys who brought you the Swift Boat attacks against decorated war veteran John Kerry, are up with a $400,000 buy, smearing Coakley." Coakley's being portrayed as weak on terrorism, soft on immigration, pro-gay and pushing big tax increases. Democrats must win this state, and win big.

Please support Coakley's bid to continue the Kennedy legacy. Funds are needed immediately to combat the harsh attacks from the right. Click here to donate directly to the Coakley campaign or here to contribute to the DSCC. And please urge everyone you know in Massachusetts to vote Coakley on January 19th.

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