Democrats Must Elect Bernie Sanders Senate Minority Leader

The Senate will meet this Wednesday to elect its next leader.
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Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders is enthusiastically supported by millions of Americans. He’s a proven leader, energizing democrats and non democrats across every state in our union.

Contrastingly, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, current frontrunner for Senate Democratic Leader and long time ally of the finance industry, has never engendered voter enthusiasm beyond the borders of New York State. And although Schumer’s been part of the Democratic leadership for the past several years, he hasn’t always been that loyal.

In March of 2015, Senator Schumer undermined President Barack Obama by encouraging fellow Democrats to attend a controversial speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before a joint session of Congress. The speech was initiated by then Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and the Republican Party. Its purpose was to convince U.S. legislators that the Iran Deal, negotiated by President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and multiple nations, should be rejected.

Netanyahu’s invitation and address to Congress were widely criticized as an unprecedented attempt by the leader of a foreign nation to usurp the power of the American President. While many Democratic lawmakers boycotted the event, Senator Schumer was one of its staunchest supporters.

In September of 2015, six months after Netanyahu’s speech, Chuck Schumer, already a high ranking Senate Democrat, was one of only four Democratic Senators to vote against the Iran Deal. This was a clear repudiation of Schumer’s own Democratic Party, the Party’s leader President Obama, and the well meaning efforts of international allies to curtail Iran’s nuclear proliferation. It is widely believed Schumer’s vote was an intentional slight to Obama and a public alignment with the Israeli government and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Schumer’s no vote on the Iran Deal and lack of party loyalty angered the Obama administration, fellow Democratic legislators and peace seeking citizens who supported it. In a White House press briefing discussing the Deal, Press Secretary Josh Earnest made it clear Schumer’s actions might cost him his party Senate leadership.

This was not the first time Senator Schumer undermined the Obama administration on a crucial issue. In November of 2014, Schumer criticized the President’s signature healthcare legislation, the Affordable Care Act, saying it focused too much legislator time on the wrong issue.

As with the Iran Deal, Schumer’s position on the Affordable Care Act buoyed Republicans who bitterly opposed it. Once again, Schumer failed the task of a party leader.

Considering the overwhelming defeats the Democrats just suffered in losing the Presidency, both Houses of Congress and the potential for a progressive Supreme Court majority, it is imperative the next Senate Leader be a champion for the Democratic Party and its principals. Chuck Schumer has demonstrated time and again he is not the Senator for the job. He is not an honest broker and should not be rewarded with the pivotal Leader position.

Bernie Sanders has proven to be a valiant Senator, a relentless supporter of democratic principles and a leader for all Americans. He’s an “every person” Democrat in the great tradition of Franklin Roosevelt. As Minority Leader, Senator Sanders would take on the Republican leadership and stand up to Chuck Schumer’s long time friend, Donald Trump.

The Senate will meet this Wednesday to elect its next leader. If you agree Senator Sanders is the better choice for the position, please sign this petition. The Democratic Party desperately needs a powerful, loyal advocate. The time has come to reject Schumer’s special interest pandering and elect a true non-corporate Democrat who will protect the Affordable Care Act, safeguard the Iran Deal and fight hard for Main Street Americans.

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