Democrats' Primary Night Memo: GOP Hijacked By Tea Party

Whatever the outcome, the GOP will be the loser of Tuesday's primary elections, the DNC writes in a statement released on election night that is all about posturing in advance of midterm elections in November.

According to a memo from Brad Woodhouse, Communications Director for the DNC, the Republican Party "is being pulled so far towards the right wing fringe most Americans can't recognize it anymore." Woodhouse goes on to say that the Tea Party's influence within the GOP "has produced a slate of unattractive general election candidates, a trend that seems bound to continue today."

Woodhouse wrote that the GOP has happily fostered the growth of the Tea Party, which according to a poll released Tuesday, is itself losing popularity. Now, Republicans are stuck with the results. Woodhouse concludes:

As the Republican Party nominates Tea Party candidates, or sees its establishment candidates lurch to the right to fend off Tea Party challenges, it will be saddled with the Tea Party's positions, views and rhetoric, all of which are increasingly falling flat with the American people. The Republican Party will have to sell a platform to general election voters this fall based on their nominees' out-of-the-mainstream positions like eliminating Medicare and Social Security, taking away federal aid to family farmers, opposing anti-discrimination laws, abolishing the Department of Education and DE-regulating Wall Street.