Who Tips Better: Democrats Or Republicans?

Waiters talk horror stories, drunk customers and whether there's a partisan generosity gap.

Six weeks ago, New York restaurateur Danny Meyer caused a stir when he announced the elimination of tips at his restaurants and an increase of meal prices to make up the difference. 

The news was hailed as a victory for the waiting staff, which would no longer have to toil in the financial uncertainty of tip wages. Soon enough, Joe’s Crab Shack announced it would pursue the same model in 18 locations.

But if the food industry is slowly establishing a more stable base of salaried work, it’s not clear if its workers are entirely thrilled.

In the latest episode of "Drinking & Talking," veterans of the restaurant world -- waiters and waitresses -- debated whether the recent trend is actually all that good. And in the process they spilled the beans about life on tip wages: from the worst tip they’ve ever received to whether Democrats or Republicans are more generous to the wait staff -- and just how drunk is too drunk when it comes to tipping. 

Who Is A Better Tipper: Republicans Or Democrats?

Which Would You Prefer: Salary vs. Tips? 


The Drunker They Are, The More They'll Tip

The Worst And Weirdest Tip Ever Received

The Best Stories From The Service Industry

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