Democrats: This Is What You Tell Your Children Today

This is what you tell your children today:

The United States has had good Presidents and bad Presidents. At the end of the day, the government is just made up of people, individuals. So itʻs up to all of us, as individuals who put those people in power, to keep government honest and good.

This is why itʻs important to go to school, so we can educate ourselves with facts and be thoughtful citizens and make informed decisions when we vote.

This is why it is important to be tolerant and kind to others, so we model the sort of inclusive behavior and policies we will demand from our government and our elected officials.

This is why it is important to listen and be empathetic, so we can learn to understand the thoughts and feelings of others who disagree with us. We will not always get our way. Itʻs okay when we donʻt. Weʻre not entitled to get our way all the time, but we must learn to work with others and still hold fast to our values when we are a minority voice.

I am proud to be a Democrat that voted for Hillary Clinton today. I am proud to be a member of a party that stands for tolerance and inclusion. I am proud of my partyʻs values and my personal values. I will continue to fight for those values and teach those values to my children.

I have fought my entire life for environmental causes, the rights of minorities and women, the LGBT community, native peoples, and all the progressive values that mean so much to me and my friends - a Trump Presidency will not change that, in fact it only strengthens my resolve.

Today I assured my son that no one is going to harm him, no one is going to harm his friends, because I and the millions of people who voted for Hillary Clinton will not let that happen.

And we wonʻt.

That is what you tell your children today.