'Demon Sheep' Ad Man Finds His New Muse

Fred Davis is the Republican ad man best known for producing two of the campaign season's strangest ads -- the Carly Fiorina "Demon Sheep" ad which strangely referred to "fiscal conservatives" as sheep, and the Ben Quayle spot in which Quayle appeared to be rolling on benzos as he staggered around the room calling Barack Obama the "worst president in history" and insisting (against the hilarious evidence to the contrary) that he was "raised right."

California-based Republican ad man Fred Davis signed a contract today with Delaware Senate Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell to craft her television ads for her general election battle against Democrat Chris Coons.

"We'll be doing something interesting, I hope," Davis told National Journal.

Even if all "doing something interesting" means is "blowing through the $1.5 million that O'Donnell suddenly finds in her fast-spending hands," we pretty much cannot wait.

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