Dems Co-Opting GOP Message: "Hands Off Our Health Care"

Dems Co-Opting GOP Message: "Hands Off Our Health Care"

"Hands off my health care!" has been a near constant refrain from Republican leaders and conservative activists in recent months.

Now that health care reform is the law of the land, however, Americans across the country are going to be hearing that message from Democrats.

The Democratic National Committee is launching a series of radio ads touting the benefits of their health care package and hammering Republicans who voted against it. But in a twist, the DNC is co-opting the message of conservatives, warning voters that their newly-minted consumer protections will be stripped away if they put the GOP back in power.

"Leading Republicans are vowing to repeal reform and put the insurance industry back in charge of your health care," a narrator says in the radio spots airing in districts of Republican members. "Call [your congressman] and tell [him], hands off our health care!"


It's evidence that Democrats think the health care debate has been turned on its head since President Obama signed the reform bill into law on Tuesday. They're counting on voters to recoil at the thought of losing the concrete, tangible benefits that health care reform provided.

A DNC official says the above spot features prominently in a seven-figure ad buy in 35 congressional districts, which also includes a spot set to run in Democratic districts thanking Members of Congress for supporting the bill.

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