Dems Must Play Smash Mouth Football on National Security: Are You Safer Now Than You Were 6 Years Ago?

It's fall--the season for two all American blood-sports: Football and elections. There are many similarities.

One of the first rules of football is that if a play is working, keep ramming it down the other team's throat until the defense consistently stops it. If your right-side offensive line is pushing the defense off the line, then keep running the ball hard to the right.

Coach Rove has been running this same play since 2000 and it's worked in every election since: Republicans are strong and will keep you safe from terrorists blowing up your house; Democrats are too weak to do what it takes to keep the terrorists from harming you and your family.

Enough is enough! In the last 8 days before November 7th, the Democrats have to start playing smash-mouth football and run straight into the heart of Republican's strength--national security. The Democrats have to hit back hard and tough at the Republicans' attack point--they can't keep hoping the Republicans disintegrate on their own. They must say, loudly and strongly that George Bush and his do nothing Republican Congress have made America less safe:

When Bush became President in 2001, Al Qaeda had not attacked our shores. Despite a memo to Bush that Bin Laden was about to attack America, he stayed on vacation and 3,000 Americans died. He said he would get Bin Laden "dead or alive". Bin Laden's capture is no where in sight. After 9/ll, the world community rallied around America. Now America is less popular around the world than it has ever been in modern history. When Bush came to power North Korea did not have any atom bombs; Iran's nuclear program was far less advanced; and Iraq had already halted its WMD program and was stable. After 6 years of Republican rule, North Korea has several atom bombs; Iran's nuclear program is far more advanced; and Iraq is a quagmire in the midst of a civil war with nearly 3,000 of America' finest dead and more than 20,000 injured (not to mention 600,000 Iraqi civilian deaths). A majority of Americans think the Iraq War was a mistake and America should withdraw within a year. So here's the question around which Democrats must attack: ARE YOU SAFER NOW THAN YOU WERE 6 YEARS AGO?

Say it in ads, say it in stump speeches, say in debates, say it door to door. Ram it right down the throat of every Republican who tries to argue that Democrats are weak and Republicans are strong. ARE YOU SAFER NOW THAN YOU WERE 6 YEARS AGO?