These Gay Men Got Naked To Help Demystify The Uncircumcised Penis

Let's stop the stigma.

The latest video from popular lesbian vlogger Arielle Scarcella tackles a topic that should hit close to home for anyone with a penis: circumcision.

After setting up her trusty video camera, Scarcella asked a gay couple ― one partner circumcised, the other uncircumcised ― to get naked and then talk about their experiences and thoughts surrounding the procedure, during which the foreskin is removed from the shaft of the penis. Scarcella told The Huffington Post that she finds the cultural stigma surrounding uncircumcised penises in America parallel to what she thinks people with vaginas sometimes experience.

“I realized that many men, gay or straight, with uncut penises, face the same stigmas that most women with vaginas face,” Scarcella told The Huffington Post. “People assume it smells bad, it looks ugly and it’s often shamed when it’s natural.”

In the video, the guys walk through how they think circumcision frames a person’s sexual experiences and self-perception growing up in America with or without foreskin, as well as the what they see as the benefits of having a penis that is uncircumcised.

Watch the video above and head here if you’re curious to see more from Scarcella.

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