3 Outrageously Easy Ways To Repurpose An Entire Pair Of Jeans

Did someone say denim wine bag?

It happens to us all: You find the perfect pair of jeans, figure out a way to wear them every day (just us?), and get the holes in them repaired until they are on the brink of disintegration (just us?) until you finally have to face the facts: It’s time to move on.

But before you donate or toss those once-delightful dungarees, consider bringing some easy, fun ways to give them a new life.

If you peruse Pinterest, some denim DIY projects can be pretty daunting. But with just a few materials and a little time, you can simply turn one pair of old denim into three awesome new things: In this case, bleached cutoff shorts, a wine bag and a choker.

The wine bag is made with hot glue in the video above, but if you have time and sewing prowess (and are averse to hot glue), you have the option of sewing it shut. Otherwise, everything else is easy breezy.

Check out three ways to repurpose an entire pair of jeans in the video above.

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