The No-Bullsh*t Denim Guide For EVERY Body Type

Hourglass, ruler-shaped, inverted pomegranate -- the number of ways that people describe women's bodies is troubling and downright confusing. It's hard to figure out which "category" you belong in, and chances are, you belong in one more than one.

So, when you're looking to make a new purchase, like a pair of jeans, it's difficult to figure out which pair will best suit your needs. But we've got you. We decided to come up with a guide to denim shopping using language we actually use when we talk about ourselves. So whether you want to to give your flat tush a boost, elongate your short legs or hide that muffin top, we've got a pair of jeans for you.

Behold, the ultimate guide to denim shopping for real women.

Muffin Top: Low-rise jeans will have you spilling all over the place, while high-rise jeans (also known on as high-waisted) will only exaggerate the problem. Your best friend is a pair of mid-rise jeans. They will suck it all in, in the most flattering way possible.

Big Butt: One of the biggest challenges women with ample behinds face is finding a pair of jeans that doesn't gape in the waist. A high-waist can solve the problem because the fabric is designed to cover more than just your backside. And when you're hitting the mall, avoid any denim with embellishments on the bum or pockets with flaps, as it will only make your rear appear bigger. Instead, go for smaller or angled pockets.

Flat Butt: Pockets are your friend. Especially ones with flaps, as they will add extra volume. Slit pockets will also do the trick, as they will you give you more curves back there.

Full Thighs: For girls with bigger thighs, flared and boot-cut jeans are the way to go. The extra volume below the knee will help balance you out, and if you opt for a dark wash, they will be extra slimming.

Short Legs: If you're a shorty, ankle skimming-jeans work wonders to elongate your legs. You should also go for a more classic style, like skinny jeans or straight leg denim, as the slimmer fit won't overwhelm your petite frame.

Long Legs: With legs for days, you can get away with a variety of cuts and colors. But there is always the issue of finding denim that is long enough. Look for any brand that carries jeans with extra long inseams (34" and up) so you don't have that awkward gap between yours jeans and your shoes.

Short Torso: How low can you go? The lower the rise of your jeans, the longer your torso will appear.

Long Torso: The opposite goes for women with long torsos. You should go for high-rise or medium-rise jeans to make your natural waist appear higher, which will even out your proportions.

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