Dennis Hastert Received A Strange Call While On C-SPAN

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) received a strange call from a man in Yorkville, Ill., while on C-SPAN in 2014, which is making the rounds in light of the Justice Department's indictment Thursday.

“Hello, Denny,” said the man, who went by the name "Bruce." “Do you remember me from Yorkville?”

Bruce then laughed and hung up.

On Thursday, the Department of Justice announced Hastert's indictment surrounding his $3.5 million in payments to keep an unnamed individual quiet about his “prior misconduct.” The nature of that misconduct is not detailed.

The indictment indicated that the person whom Hastert paid has been a Yorkville resident and known Hastert most of his or her life. It also prominently noted that Hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach before serving in Congress.

There's no indication that the C-SPAN call is related to the new allegations.

Hastert resigned from Congress after the 2006 elections, where Republicans were dogged by their handling of then-Rep. Mark Foley's (R-Fla.) sexually explicit instant messages and emails that he sent to male congressional pages.

Watch the video above.

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