Glue-some Discovery: Dennis Homberg Allegedly Broke Into Ex-Girlfriend's Home, Glued Refrigerator Shut

Pennsylvania Man Broke Into Ex-Girlfriend's Home, Glued Refrigerator Shut, Police Say

A Pennsylvania woman recently made a glue-some discovery inside her apartment, according to state police.

The woman, an unidentified resident of Lykens, a borough about 35 miles northeast Harrisburg, contacted police on Nov. 12 and reported someone had broken into her Main Street apartment when she was not home.

Worse yet, the perpetrator had glued shut her refrigerator door and a utensil drawer. Glue had also been poured on her computer keyboard, the woman alleged.

Authorities soon focused their attention on the woman's ex-boyfriend, 42-year-old Dennis Michael Homberg, of Elizabethville.

Police have yet to reveal what, if any, evidence they found linking Homberg to the sticky situation. Nevertheless, he was charged Monday with burglary, trespassing, stalking and criminal mischief.

Homberg is being held in the Dauphin County Prison, pending arraignment before the office of Magisterial District Judge Rebecca J. Margerum in Elizabethville, police said.

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