Dennis Koch's Colorful Supersystems (PHOTOS)

The Most Gorgeous Fractals We've Ever Seen

Who says fractals can't be fun? Dennis Koch's colorful canvasses first appear to be abstract, but the works are actually visual manifestations of mathematical codes and theories in Physics.

Yet Koch shows that even though he works in geometrical recursion, his paintings look like inviting Froot Loops. He applies Systems Theory to his works, layering different steps to create a great, overarching superstructure. This leads the piece to almost create itself on loop, with each work buzzing with an individual, cohesive energy.

For all the heavy theory behind the work, the pieces themselves are light and almost psychedelic, inviting you in like a cool swimming pool in the summertime.

His untitled colored pencil drawings buzz and shift before your eyes, a bit too humble to be optical illusions. Koch makes them by sticking colored pencils into a power drills! And then there are the Novelty Vortex (aka Froot Loop) sculptures, modeled after a potential free energy device. Yet these sculptures are arranged into the shape of a flower, a perfect way to show that maybe art and science are not as separate as they seem.

Check out Koch's delightful slideshow. You may like it so much you will look at it on loop.

Dennis Koch

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