Kucinich on Iraq: Clairvoyant

Under the 2008 U.S.-Iraq Status of Forces Agreement, the U.S. military occupation of Iraq ends today. As the war in Iraq finally draws to a close, here is a quick quiz. Who said the following, and when, and where?

"There is no world support for invading Iraq."

"There is no proof that Iraq represents an immediate or imminent threat to the United States... The Administration has refused to provide the Congress with credible intelligence that proves that Iraq is a serious threat to the United States, and is continuing to develop chemical and biological and nuclear weapons."

"The Iraq regime has never attacked nor does it have the capability to attack the United States."

"There is no credible intelligence that connects Iraq to the events of 9/11 or to participation in those events by assisting al Qaeda... There is no connection between Iraq and the events of 9/11... There is no credible evidence that Iraq harbored those who were responsible for planning, authorizing or committing the attacks of 9/11."

"There is no credible evidence that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction."

"Congress has not been provided with any credible information, which proves that Iraq has provided international terrorists with weapons of mass destruction."

"Unilateral action against Iraq will cost the United States the support of the world community."

So, who said this? Me? No -- I wish it were me. It was Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

And when? On October 2, 2002, six months before the War in Iraq began.

And where? On the Floor of the House, and in a letter to his colleagues in Congress.

Was it clarity? No, it was more than clarity. It was almost clairvoyance.

At a time when almost every public figure in America was hoodwinked and bamboozled by Bush Administration propaganda, Dennis Kucinich was not. Dennis Kucinich saw the truth, and he said the truth. And Congressman Kucinich followed through, doggedly opposing the war in Iraq from alpha to omega.

Take my word for it: Congress is full of replaceable parts. But Dennis Kucinich is not one of them. Congressman Kucinich is unique.

We need Dennis Kucinich in Congress.


Alan Grayson

P.S. Now Dennis Kucinich is in the toughest race of his 15-year career in Congress. The Republicans have tried to gerrymander him out of Congress. Please click on this special ActBlue link, and make a contribution to Dennis Kucinich's campaign today.