Dennis Miller To Be Canceled <em>Again</em>?

Dennis Miller To Be Canceled?

From this morning's Page Six:

Dennis Miller doesn't have much luck with sports. He was unceremoniously dumped by ABC as a commentator for "Monday Night Football" in 2002, and now his Versus cable channel show, "Sports Unfiltered With Dennis Miller," looks destined for the scrap heap after just three months. "Frankly, it doesn't look good," a former staffer tells Santa Barbara News-Press columnist Richard Mineards.

Previously: "Unless you're a connoisseur of the high artform known as "A.M. talk," you might not be aware that the smarmy, smirky, obscure-reference-loving comedian/commentator Dennis Miller has recently RADICALLY REINVENTED himself as a smarmy, smirky, obscure-reference-loving right wing radio host." — Eli Braden, "Dennis Miller's Got A Brand New Bag," 23/6

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