Dennis Miller's New Gig: Game Show Host

Dennis Miller's cable show, Sports Unfiltered With Dennis Miller, may be getting the ax, but that doesn't mean he'll be out of a job. As USA Today's Gary Strauss reports, Miller will be joining a long line of comedians — including Bob Saget, Howie Mandel, and Jeff Foxworthy — at being a game show host:

"I wasn't looking to host, but when they brought me ... uh, what's the name of the show again? Oh yeah, Amne$ia," Miller says. "I got excited because I realized it's a comedy wrapped in a game show package, and that allows me to be who I am."

Amne$ia contestants earn cash by recalling life events. "It's not just a game show where we're out there smacking buttons all the time and trying to do speed and alacrity. There's some sort of a whimsical walk through a person's life, sort of like Ralph Edwards on This Is Your Life," says Miller, who promises to be less sardonic and more kind than his normal stage persona. "There's potential for a few smiles, a few blasts from the past, and somebody walks away with some bread."

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