Dennis Quaid's Montana Ranch

It seems like Matthew Perry's not the only one who's paring down on his properties these days. Actor Dennis Quaid is also on the move to get rid of his properties and most recently he's listed his 418-acre Montana ranch on the market for $14 million.

The 2-mile estate extends to the adjacent Gallatin National Forest and features awe-inspiring views of distant mountains and big blue skies along with rivers and pastures that are perfect for fishing and horseback riding. As for the buildings on the estate, there a handful of structures, which include a 5,314-square-foot main house, four guesthouses, a lodge for the ranch manager, and stables for horses.

We love the Craftsman-style interiors with the exposed natural wood beams and the cozy cabin-like rooms. The use of natural woods throughout really add a touch of warmth the each of the rooms, which had a mix of modern furnishings, bold colors and antiques. Our favorite room? The bath, which has a freestanding tub and views of lush greenery outside the window.

Moreover, there's a bit of a backstory to Dennis's ranch as well. Not only is the property peppered with historic gold mines but parts of the land also once belonged to classic Hollywood big shots Warren Oates and Sam Peckinpah.

Click through the slideshow for images of Dennis's amazing ranch estate. For more photos, head over to AOL Real Estate.