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Dennis Rosenlof, 64-Year-Old Man, Has Eaten 12,000 Big Macs

There's commitment, and then there's commitment. When you've eaten 12,000 Big Macs over the course of 30 years, it's probably the latter -- even if your choice of cause to be committed to is a little questionable.

Dennis Rosenlof, 64, explains in the video above that he eats first meal every day around 10:30 a.m. That's when McDonald's stops serving the breakfast menu and starts serving Big Macs. He's a man of habits; on Monday he eats one Big Mac, two on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, two on Thursday, one or two on Friday and two on Saturday. That's about 10 Big Macs every week.

He eats almost nothing but Big Macs, except on Sundays, when his wife cooks and he sits down to a family dinner.

Interestingly enough, Rosenlof actually eats 700 calories fewer than the average American man on a typical day, and doesn't have high cholesterol.

While the Big Mac Diet seems to work well for Rosenlof, Morgan Spurlock certainly didn't have the same experience in his well-known 2004 documentary "Supersize Me." And, Rosenlof's 12,000 Big Macs pale in comparison to fellow Big Mac fan Don Gorske, who has eaten over 25,000 Big Macs in 39 years. Only 13,000 more to go!

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