Denny's Christmas Tree Set Aflame By Man Angry About Long Wait

Man Sets Denny's Christmas Tree On Fire After Long Wait

Nobody likes waiting a long time for food or a table at a restaurant. It's normal, in that situation, to get grouchy. But one customer at a Denny's in San Antonio allegedly got so upset when he was made to wait that he became downright Grinch-y -- and firehappy.

According a report by local NBC affiliate WOAI, embedded above, the man set fire to the Christmas tree in the I-35 location of Denny's before fleeing the scene. Police are pursuing the arsonist, with the help of Denny's surveillance footage, but haven't yet been able to identify him.

ABC affiliate KVUE reports that the man was upset because he had to wait too long for his check. But given that he allegedly caused $150,000 in damage, it's possible that the police have a much, much bigger check in store for him when he's caught.

No one was hurt in the Great Denny's Christmas Tree Fire of 2012.

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