Denver International Airport May Increase Oil And Gas Exploration On Property

Oil And Gas Exploration... At DIA?

Most travelers at Denver International Airport have their thoughts on the sky, with a couple wayward glances at overpriced beers in the terminal, and concern their luggage may be lost in transit. Lately, though, officials there have focused on all that's beneath their feet.

According to a KMGH report, a number of oil and gas companies have approached the airport about the possibility of drilling on the property. The land there hosted several drilling rigs prior to DIA opening in 1995.

In 2010, the airport purchased 27 oil and gas wells on its property for $5.5 million, bringing the total number of DIA-owned wells there to 76. The Associated Press reports those wells generated $7 million in revenue for the airport in 2010.

Denver International Airport lies on the western edge of the Niobrara Formation, a shale and clay band more 6,000 feet beneath the surface estimated to contain more than 1 billion barrels of oil.

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